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New projects

It has been a while since my last post. I sincerely hope that I’ll keep on posting stuff on this blog, and attract some viewers.

Cosmonaut may have fallen behind (I have not worked on it since the last post) but many other things have happened. The Outcast has went over the version number 0.4, and has become stable enough to be played, although lacking in features.

GLICT, my open source, free (as in freedom) library for creating user interface for OpenGL has also progressed a lot. Since the last screenshots of it that you’ve seen (in post about The Outcast) I’ve added skins, listboxes, and recently, multiple font support as well as some other improvements to make it more intuitive to use. What’s also pretty important for all those people out there who for various reasons do not use OpenGL, you may want to know that you can now use GLICT with other graphical APIs. Skins are however only supported under OpenGL so far. GLICT is licensed under GNU/GPL.

In other news, I’ve started work on YATC – Yet Another Tibia Client together with mips and Smygflik of the OpenTibia project. In fact, YATC is a subproject of OpenTibia. Here’s a small screenshot of yesterday’s repository revision 2580 (revisions are actually OTserv revisions – all subprojects share them):

Screenshot is taken under GNU/Linux, IceWM window manager. We’re working on duplicating the UI as well as connecting to the server.

Hopefully this takes off!

Cosmonaut going steadily

Recently, I’ve added explosions to it. Today, they were stabilized (their filenames, that is). The bullets are also now rotated in the direction where they’re flying. (Previously they were just dots so it was not important where they were rotated to.) Also

Today, I’ve done a cool new thing important for players, and it’s not just internal: ships have gained a health bar! So now you can see how much you need to destroy the ship.

No screenies today, I’m too lazy to upload them. Just lettin’ you know how far have I come.

Progress on Cosmonaut


no screenies for today, but there’s been some progress. I’ve added TTL (time-to-live) for each object, and object collision detection, health points (only internally though) as well as functional bullets. So objects actually can be destroyed!

It’s nothing fancy yet, but we’re going there… :)

Nature sucks, Cosmonaut pwns

Last Saturday (yea, it’s been almost a week now) my faculty forced me to go mountain climbing. It’s the worst 3 hours I had in last few years. Damn! I’ve sworn I’d never go again. But hell, tomorrow I have to go again. ‘coz I have to collect enough points to complete the P.E. subject for this semester. Arrrgh!

On the other hand, aside from cancelling a project of mine (The Outcast; for those who don’t know a 3D client for a MMORPG called Tibia) I’ve been working on some other projects. I think they’ll come out way cooler than The Outcast did. One of them is Cosmonaut. So here’s a few s creenies.