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Thinking about advertising on this blog?

Yes, I get asked now and then. Asked by people who obviously didn't look at what I'm writing, how often I'm writing, and who didn't think about how many visitors I have. Or they did, and due to their shadiness, did not think.

So if you are thinking about advertising directly on this blog — you probably shouldn't bother asking. You can use Adsense to target my visitors. Unless your ads are very specific, or you have a very strong reason why you'd like to put ads on this personal blog, don't bother asking.

No, rollover in-post links are not welcome. No, in-post links in general are not welcome. No, year-long ad contracts are not welcome. No, marketing-only posts that praise your product are not welcome. No, guest posts that you would write are not welcome. No, native advertising of any kind is not welcome.

What's welcome is plain old banner ads and textual ads, separate from main page. If you can't directly target my site via Adsense, contact me. If your request is reasonable, or if I personally really really really really like your product, I may consider it.

But consider this. If you are really considering advertising on a small, pretty random, mostly technical, very unfocused, personal blog with a small number of visitors — how likely are you to have a big product with a major financing that would make me consider putting your ad on my site?

This blog does not have a regular audience. It's a collection of random thoughts and troubleshooting instructions. It's not a news blog, it's not a creative writing blog, it's not a political blog, it's not (strictly) a set of intellectual pondering about the future of tech, about the nature of the universe, or anything like that. It's really just randomness who may or may not help someone who stumbles on it via Google.

Thanks for stopping by — and if you still think you have something interesting to offer (or are having issues with Adsense and really want to advertise here), and don't mind the aforementioned, drop me a mail: We can perhaps work out a deal in case Adsense is not right for you, and your ad is interesting. Mention the category of the product and, preferably, the product you'd like to advertise and make an offer. Requests can be rejected on an arbitrary basis.

P.S. It all applies to anything on the domain.

Update April 8th 2013: Similarly, don't try to pass off marketing/SEO/linkfarm articles as "interesting to your readers". Unless you're writing about something highly technical, it's not interesting to me, or the few readers I have. Top-10 lists clearly built and spread around primarily for SEO are definitely not interesting to anyone.

Update July 18 2014: Inline text and native advertising explicitly mentioned. Extended section on contacting.

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