Fully capable in following fields:

  • Development
    • Objective-C development under iOS (iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad) and Mac OS X
    • C and C++ development
    • OpenGL 2D and 3D graphics
    • SDL 2D and 3D graphics
    • GNU/Linux-based and other Posix-compliant OS-based development
    • Python development
    • PHP development
    • MySQL development and reasonable optimization
  • Configuration and maintenance
    • GNU/Linux workstation – setup, configuration, maintenance, reasonable restoration
    • Windows workstation – setup, configuration

Partial and limited capability in following fields; the subject may be out of field of interest, partially forgotten or simply not studied enough:

  • Development
    • .Net development
    • Visual Basic 6 development
  • Configuration and maintenance
    • Windows Server – no specific expertise, but capable of basic configuration
    • Windows workstation – maintenance, restoration; personal experience is limited lately
    • GNU/Linux server – setup, basic configuration, limited maintenance experience; no experience with security hardening

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