A short, incomplete, uncategorized list of some of my projects:

YATC: Yet Another Tibia Client

A free software client. Homepage Source code

Y: a spacesim

Unreleased, incomplete. Not really in a state where development can be continued; if it even restarts, it’ll happen in Objective-C. This was going to be a trading spacesim (with some fighting), with systems connected by jumpgates. Videos on YouTube (might be unpublished)

Zcode: an Objective-C IDE

See more at the home page

Glagolitic Transliterator

Type in latin text, get it back in an encoding of glagolitic. Toy project. Not being a linguist, no guarantees about correctness of output. Web


A toy, unscalable YouTube clone written in 2007. Processing of new videos disabled. Web

MediaRSS Viewer

MediaRSS Viewer allows you to read media RSS in the browser. It’s a toy project written in Javascript. Web

Zombie Ball for iPhone

Zombie Ball is an iPhone action game by Hindarium which puts you in control of a giant metal ball, the latest invention from the crazy professor’s garage, on a mission to rescue a small suburban neighborhood from clutches of zombie invasion. By squishing them all! On this project, I implemented almost all of the actual […]

GNUstep QuartzCore

This was a project worked on during Google Summer of Code 2012. It implements Core Animation under GNUstep. I also mentored Filip Zelić on Google Summer of Code 2015 to continue work on this project. See more about the project

Z-XMPP: a Javascript XMPP client

This is an XMPP client that can serialize (most of?) its state. It’s intended to be used on the web. While ugly, it solved my immediate problem of how to maintain a single XMPP connection per tab, while letting the user navigate to other pages. This let me provide live support during a programming contest, […]


ZATEMAS is a web platform which includes a contest management system, and an online judge (“evaluator”). First published in 2006, it still lives. Because of its age, it happens to be written in PHP, and the judge is written in C++, pending some better times so a rewrite can happen. This project was coauthored with […]

Mini projects/toys:


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