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libjingle with your own signaling or your own XMPP library

Just sharing the link here, since I was googling for far too long to dig it out.

How To Use STUN In Applications

It’s surprising this is found as a part of the manual for Maemo, the fantastic OS that moved in the right direction, but was practically abandoned by Nokia.

NOTE: This is apparently a guide for the outdated libjingle 0.3.0. I can’t find any guide for the new version of libjingle.

Making iPhone calls to Google Talk/XMPP Jingle/XEP-0166 users

If you are looking for an iPhone application to make calls to Google Talk users (and all others who use Jingle extension for XMPP, or XEP-0166), check out Talkonaut. App is currently free on the app store, but I wouldn’t be surprised if that changed; in fact, I’d love it if the developers made extra money by doing so. I’d give back the free version and give a few bucks for the paid version. It’s worth it.

It even contains Jingle-to-SIP conversion; that is, you can use the XMPP connection to establish a SIP connection. SIP is a “more traditional” VOIP protocol, while Jingle is what Google Talk uses.

They also have partnered with many SIP-to-PSTN providers (where PSTN is regular telephony, such as landlines and cellphone), enabling you to make GTalk-to-phone calls for apparently very low prices. At the moment I have no need for such a service, but it might be a good way to pay back for the free app. I’m not getting paid to say all this — as a developer, I can appreciate the numerous hours that went into this project.