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KDE4 and unacceptable memory usage

As I type this, X11 uses most memory on my machine with 9.0% and that’s acceptable since it has to cache graphics and what-not. What’s not acceptable is that the second by memory usage is knotify4 with 6.7% of my 512MB RAM + 512MB swap. Third one is plasma with 4.8%. After them, gedit with 2.4%… and now comes the most awesome thing of them all.

gimp consumes only 2.3% of my RAM with 4 images opened (two 150×150, and two 430×300).

How can anyone justify that a productivity graphics program consumes less memory than background auxiliary tasks such as knotify4 and plasma? How can anyone justify that? It’s simply disgousting and absolutely unacceptable by all standards. Look, I enjoy KDE4.2, I really do. I’ve decided to give it a spin about a week ago. But it simply was too slow, so I checked what’s wrong.

This is not good, KDE. Lack of options or instability won’t be a showstopper for me after all: it’s going to be memory usage.

By the way, gedit guys, you should also check what’s wrong if your five text files consume more memory than gimp’s four images.