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Time to start updating

Ok, it’s time to start updating this.

So what’s new? YATC is progressing nicely and I can’t get myself to study for exams. No, I just can’t.  Dunno what else to say. 

How about some more YATC?

… a new screenie of Yet Another Tibia Client? Since my last post we got item and creature rendering to work, and even creatures to be colored as well as named. Screenie does show a small bug ;)

New projects

It has been a while since my last post. I sincerely hope that I’ll keep on posting stuff on this blog, and attract some viewers.

Cosmonaut may have fallen behind (I have not worked on it since the last post) but many other things have happened. The Outcast has went over the version number 0.4, and has become stable enough to be played, although lacking in features.

GLICT, my open source, free (as in freedom) library for creating user interface for OpenGL has also progressed a lot. Since the last screenshots of it that you’ve seen (in post about The Outcast) I’ve added skins, listboxes, and recently, multiple font support as well as some other improvements to make it more intuitive to use. What’s also pretty important for all those people out there who for various reasons do not use OpenGL, you may want to know that you can now use GLICT with other graphical APIs. Skins are however only supported under OpenGL so far. GLICT is licensed under GNU/GPL.

In other news, I’ve started work on YATC – Yet Another Tibia Client together with mips and Smygflik of the OpenTibia project. In fact, YATC is a subproject of OpenTibia. Here’s a small screenshot of yesterday’s repository revision 2580 (revisions are actually OTserv revisions – all subprojects share them):

Screenshot is taken under GNU/Linux, IceWM window manager. We’re working on duplicating the UI as well as connecting to the server.

Hopefully this takes off!