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No matter it’s recession — we need new Churches!

I stumbled upon this quite interesting scan of a document. For non-Croatian readers (if there are any) this is a document published by the priest in a local Church proclaiming there needs to be an “Annual Church Contribution”.

I really don’t feel like retyping this into Google translate. So let’s just note the date: June 11th, 2009 (deep into recession). State treasury is already collapsing under its weight; not as much as a month later, but it already is.


Annual contribution will be as follows: every household needs to donate 250kn plus 70kn per adult member of the household (except for students). Numerous families will be treated specially, as well as those who have small or no income.

Is he implying here that those with small income are not treated specially? That they are a separate category from those who are treated specially?

He also says:

Since small amount of believers goes regularly to Mass on Sundays and commanded Holidays, and in that way do not contribute for church needs since they don’t donate and still consider themselves believers, catholics and need services of priest and church, although they do not support either him nor the church — we are forced to introduce an Annual Church Contribution which will be obligatory for all believers of this area who consider themselves catholics and who receive the priest for House Blessing and this contribution will be used for ….

Ok, this needs special emphasis:

construction of a new church and some regular needs.

Say what? No recession for you, eh?

This needs special introduction for non English readers. “What’s so wrong with donating to church?” Croatia is a weird country.

Our state actually gives church money for its operations. Such as, construction of new churches.

And this guy is actually asking for mo’ money!

He’s also comparing what he asks to “other churches in Croatia”. Overall, it’s all feeling like a business document … filled with extra religious bonus. It feels like you’re buying a yearly religious ticket to church. It feels like press release of a public transportation service.

Well, I don’t want to stretch this into another enormous rant (despite it already being that). So I’ll finish by quoting his quote of Bible:
“God loves the happy giver.”
Hm, that sounds funnier in Croatian.

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