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Upotreba Objective-C u igrama; moje mišljenje

A short Croatian language opinion post on use of Objective-C in games

Dobio sam nedavno pitanje o tome da li se isplati učiti Objective-C (u kontekstu igara).

Moje je mišljenje da Objective-C ima deset puta logičniju internu strukturu nego C++, te da je svojom kombinacijom karakteristika dinamičnih i statičnih jezika izuzetno pogodan za pisanje igara. Primjerice, evo stvaranje kapitalnog svemirskog broda koristeći string, i spremanje istog u SvemirskiBrod:
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Kaptain Brawe on Mac Steam

Kaptain Brawe on Steam for MacI worked on the Mac port — so seeing Brawe and its demo featured on Mac Steam makes me quite happy! You can grab Kaptain Brawe for PC and Mac on Steam for 19,99EUR. It’s also available for Mac on Mac App Store, Gamer’s Gate, MacGameStore, and more. You should visit Kaptain Brawe’s page on Cateia.com for info.

Look What Daddy Got(tm) — X2: The Threat for Linux

It took a while to arrive (surprisingly long, I must say, since Linux Game Publishing is based in the UK) but it’s finally here. X2: The Threat for Linux has finally arrived :-)

Let’s all support Linux gaming and praise the LGLord, Michael Simms. Huge thanks to Eskild Hustvedt, also known as Zero_Dogg, LGP’s community manager, whose direct contact was invaluable when the package did not seem to arrive. Your support guys, however, deserve a little spanking, LGP — they’ve been bad boys, and Zero_Dogg knows what it’s all about :-)

In any case… Everyone! If the package does not arrive on time, just wait for a little while.

Anyways, here’s some more photos of me going out and picking up the package. Photos were edited to protect some semblance of my privacy :-)

First I got the delivery notice…

 Today I went to pick it up at the post office in Dubrava…

Yay! Here’s the envelope :-)

And the DVD box

I couldn’t wait to get away from there and unwrap the box itself…

When I finally got to my workplace…

Only a few more hazuras before I get hold of my Linux box where I can play… Until then, Steam version will do.

Warfare Inc for iPhone is on discount

Get the most advanced PalmOS game, now ported to iPhone!
App Store
It currently costs only $0.99 vs $4.99. It’s a magnificent, magnificent RTS. I haven’t tried it on iPhone yet, but on Palm, it rocked.

Note: I have no connection to developer whatsoever. I just like old PalmOS and software written for it. And most importantly, this is not an ad, it’s just my unpaid, private invitation to you to try the game out :-)

Jesse Schell: Design Out Of The Box (DICE 2010)

Is your life just one big RPG? Find out in a mind blowing presentation by Jesse Schell. I’m very impressed by the fantastic and scary vision of the future.


Source: http://g4tv.com/thefeed/blog/post/702668/DICE-2010-Video-Design-Outside-The-Box.html

Shaman Odyssey: Tropical Adventure

A new game from Cateia Games has been released. I’ve worked a bit on the Mac port, and I think our developers and artists have done great work. Game is fun and enjoyable; grab the demo and see for yourself.

Sandlot Games (Windows)
MacGameStore.comApple (Mac)

Note: I work at Cateia, but I’m not directly and personally involved with either Sandlot nor MacGameStore. There are other distributors and I’m not discriminating intentionally. This post does not represent opinions of Cateia or other employees. I just want to spread the news :-)