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See what Kylie is so happy about!


Kylie has found a lot of happy words on her dad’s computer. And it just so happens that they’re all about Windows 7.

“Come here, Kylie, let me tell you a story about how grandpa was making daddy very happy…”

Today I found these happy words on Microsoft’s site. And it just so happens that someone at Microsoft is a very special boy whose dad must have made many children very happy.

Malvertisers? Really, Microsoft?

Slashdot article: Microsoft Files Suits Against “Malvertisers”
Microsoft On The Issues blog post: Bad Ad: Going After The Malvertising Threat

While this is nice, this “phenomenon” has been out there for years and Microsoft did nothing. Too late, too little? As visible on the screenshot in this article, I’m secure. In fact, I’ve been secure for the last few years. Even if I run Windows, I can recognize such crap, but since I don’t ordinarily run Windows, I even laugh off at such “threats”.

This one is particularly nasty to a newbie user, since you can even move that “window” pictured in there.  It’s of course attempting to download an executable. 

To stay secure, use GNU/Linux. Wine can be easily removed :-)

Windows Product Activation – “significant hardware changes”

I’ve just had a run-in with deactivation of Windows XP due to “significant hardware changes since the copy was last activated”. But, since I installed XP, the only thing I did was remove 512MB of RAM in the laptop, and install 1GB of RAM. I also plugged in the USB mouse during the bootup.

What probably triggered it, however, was changing filesystem of the system partition from FAT32 to NTFS using Microsoft’s own convert.exe, included with Windows. I have no idea where they’re pulling out the idea that filesystem of root system partition is a hardware thing.
I have no idea if this reactivation ate one of my activation slots for this product key, since Microsoft’s Knowledge Base link on the subject appears down. I surely hope I won’t have to deal with tech support; I’ve heard they’re friendly and unintrusive in Croatia, but still…
(By the way, unusually for tech-savvy Croats, this is a legit copy. From MSDNAA and FER, of course :-)
Since there’s no way I could have captured the messagebox that appears during login (this isn’t a VM and I don’t have a good camera) included is just a leftover shot of WGA, after repeated activation.

Slow logoff in Windows XP – hang on “Saving your settings”

If you have problems with Windows XP logging off — that is, the system inexplicably decides to wait for about a minute before it proceeds with log off or shutdown — you may want to give Microsoft’s UPHclean – User Profile Hive Service a spin. It just helped me with this problem that was harassing me for the past full calendar year.

It installs as a service so it’ll keep working.
Now, I wonder why this service is not included in Windows themselves, or at least in a service pack – why ship a broken OS?

Windows XP EULA is quite complex

And don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. You have to read between the lines letters. Each simple Latin letter, each simple glyph in fact consists of such fractal-like complexity that each one can stand for itself and tell the world a story of biblical proportions.



Word 2007 has a very low memory footprint?

With two open documents (admittedly, no pictures) Word 2007 took only 2MB active memory, and 16MB virtual memory, according to task manager. Sounds to me like Microsoft should give up on working on OSes and development environments.

Why? Last few days was a torture for me, trying to handle Firefox (300-500MB VMem), Visual Studio (regularly 400-500MB VMem) and Windows Live Messenger (50MB) at the same time. On a laptop with 512MB RAM, and paging file on a very fragmented volume. Admittedly I ran only WLM during last evening, but still, even without it it was a horrible experience.

Worst part of all? Mozilla’s Firefox 3.5 is supposed to be fastest and lightest (and according to some test, it does take least memory). But if after several hours of work it cannot release the resources, someone’s done their job in a very sloppy manner. I have only Blogger open at the moment, and Firefox’s RAM usage is 294MB and VMem usage is 476MB. And I restarted it about an hour ago, and in the meantime I was studying from a PDF file, not surfing (effective surfing time? about 10-15min) What went wrong there?

Sounds to me like many many MS and non-MS teams could learn some lessons from Word 2007 team. Even UI design: once you get over the initial shock of the Ribbon interface, and once you understand it’s a very intelligent substitute for a toolbar, not menu, you can handle it. But that’s another topic, and I’ll say a few words later on. Who knows? Maybe in a few years someone will go and dig this blog’s archives out.