Slow logoff in Windows XP – hang on "Saving your settings"

If you have problems with Windows XP logging off — that is, the system inexplicably decides to wait for about a minute before it proceeds with log off or shutdown — you may want to give Microsoft’s UPHclean – User Profile Hive Cleanup Service a spin. It just helped me with this problem that was harassing me for the past full calendar year.

It installs as a service so it’ll keep working.
Now, I wonder why this service is not included in Windows themselves, or at least in a service pack – why ship a broken OS?


2 thoughts on “Slow logoff in Windows XP – hang on "Saving your settings"

  1. Robert

    Thanks, this tip seems to have helped me a lot.

    My PC was taking minutes to shut off, now I seem to be rid of that. I did find some of the events mentioned in the ReadMe of the product. It might even help me to start up faster. My impression so far.

    Indeed it is annoying to have to find such a fix by oneself, while it already exists a long time.

  2. Terry Potter

    Some of you may have discovered by now that this problem with saving your settings hanging up for a minute is an intermittent one. This UPH Clean didn't work for me; even after running the "repair UPH Cleaner" option in its dialog box, the problem happened to occur directly afterward. Subsequent shutdown/restarts were fine…for a while.

    I'm the only user, yet the error msg in event viewer claims to be having trouble unloading one of the user profiles, of which there appear to be more than one in the registry.


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