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Facebook Chat on Jabber

If you use Facebook and XMPP, rejoice. You can now get spammed via your favorite Jabber client: iChat, Pidgin, Adium, Psi, Finch, Meebo or any other that allows you to configure custom server (gtalk not included).

Federationing not supported.

Probably a fail for privacy, but a win for openness.


Username: username@chat.facebook.com
Server: chat.facebook.com
Port: 5222
Allow plaintext authentication: No

Your username is your “vanity URL” suffix, for example firstlast in http://www.facebook.com/firstlast – so create this alias if you didn’t already.

Facebook’s disregard for privacy is rampant

Most recent example:

I don’t want everyone on my friend list to be know my friend list. Perhaps I have a few friends in the mafia and in the law enforcement, too. Or maybe I just work for two competing companies at the same time. Providing this setting is quite important to me, but it doesn’t seem that is so for Facebook.
Sigh. So I should just shut up because I don’t pay for the service nor do I click on the links? That’s a flawed logic. If someone offers me a free bag of chips, is it ok if that bag is spoiled? Is it ok if that’s the only way to stay in touch with some of my friends?
Permission management similar to that for other options (“only friends, but customized to not include those in group Limited profile…”) would be great. But I won’t be holding my breath.