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Facebook Chat on Jabber

If you use Facebook and XMPP, rejoice. You can now get spammed via your favorite Jabber client: iChat, Pidgin, Adium, Psi, Finch, Meebo or any other that allows you to configure custom server (gtalk not included).

Federationing not supported.

Probably a fail for privacy, but a win for openness.


Username: username@chat.facebook.com
Server: chat.facebook.com
Port: 5222
Allow plaintext authentication: No

Your username is your “vanity URL” suffix, for example firstlast in http://www.facebook.com/firstlast – so create this alias if you didn’t already.

FriendFeed was acquired by Facebook?!

According to Slashdot, that’s what happened. I don’t really find much use for FriendFeed (I’d have an information overload, if everyone I knew used it). But I have handed them over a list of services I used, and they happily fed off the data I provided about my use habits.

And I was ok with that.
But Facebook is kind-of … not very widely known for its care about users’ privacy, is it? So the only thing I left active on my FriendFeed account is a link to this blog. I may close the account completely, if there’s a link, because I find it enough to have a single Facebook account, thankyouverymuch.
That reminds me, I should clean up the Facebook account of the more private data, too.