Meebo and Jabber

In case you didn’t know, Meebo has its own Jabber server. If you want to log into your Meebo account without a Javascript-capable browser just to contact your Meebo buddies (meaning you won’t be logging into MSN, etc.) you can just connect to Jabber domain “” with your username. That is, ““. Notice the .ORG instead of .COM.

Since I don’t usually use Meebo for contacting buddies, I can see one much greater benefit here: you can be contacted using MeeboMe Widgets without using Meebo itself. Great for providing tech support in case you need something like that, especially if it’s possible to log in from multiple workstations into same Jabber account like with Gtalk. I have yet not tried if this is possible, but I sincerely hope it is.

Meebo has just gotten perfect for me 😉


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