Adobe Flash on iMac with Mac OS X 10.3.9


It’s fascinating that Flash Player as recent as version 9 is available, since a large part of the web (including Blogger) is plain broken in Safari 1.3 (included with OSX 10.3.9).

What’s horrifying however is Adobe’s treatment of potential users of this player. Can you imagine correctly detecting MacOS X, and offering software download for 10.1-10.3… and actually breaking the dropdown menu, as well as the continue button?

That’s right. Dropdown menu on the main download page – click on it in either Safari 1.3 or MSIE:mac 5.2, nothing happens. Ok, no sweat, let’s try alternative download path. So, I’m asked for OS… I choose Mac OS X 10.1-10.3. Cool… “Continue”. Nothing. “Continue”! Nothing.

They actually broke Javascript on an OS the download is meant to go for. And from what I can tell, you’re not allowed to redistribute Flash player without arranging licensing agreement with Adobe, so I doubt I can find it elsewhere on the web.

Is it really too much to expect primary download route (the combo for selecting 10.1-10.3 or 10.4-10.5) to work?
Is it really too much to expect the alternative, “safe” route to work? People, it’s a Continue button, how can you screw that up on an outdated, but still supported and actually even listed platform?


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