Freshly installed Debian is just hyperfast

I really fell in love Mac OS X. Numerous UI innovations, consistency, cool design all combined help me be more productive. It can get slow occasionally: all those cool things that help me be more productive obviously come at a price.

A few days ago I successfully installed Debian lenny on my MacBook (hardware revision 6,1). More importantly, it managed to boot (suffice to say, I spent entire Sunday getting it to that stage). Unfortunately, since wireless card drivers don’t work out of the box, and I didn’t have ethernet handy until today, it just stood there on the hard drive.

Imagine my surprise when I fired up the Epiphany browser and the home page ( opened instantly. Imagine my surprise when I realized everything else was also hyper fast. Even Firefox Iceweasel doesn’t seem to be the memory hog it usually is. Also, I think I was logged in in about 35 sec — and I mean fully logged in. Folks, it may pay off to try Debian on Mac. There isn’t a better designed GUI OS than Mac; there isn’t a more customizable, but consistent-as-far-as-linux-goes and fluid-as-far-as-updates-go OS than Debian.

But, this may be just a “side effect” of a fresh install. Who knows how it’ll behave after some … production use. And copy move of my old home folder from the old laptop. Who knows — maybe I just shouldn’t transfer the dot-folders with settings.

On the other hand, I’ll stay in Mac OS for most of the time, simply because … well, if all goes well, you’ll know in a couple of days 🙂

By the way, note the lack of comparison with Windows. 🙂


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