GSoC 2013: Text, images, delays

image by ericwa

image by ericwa; please observe ‘textedit’ info window and its preferences on the right side

Given the delay since the last update, this should be a lengthy post. Since I’m writing this at a very late hour, it won’t be.

Shortly after the last update, I added painting of images, as long as they’re 32-bit. I finally began considering the ‘gstateless’ variant of the backend, where the OpalGState class would be removed, as well as the dependence on GSContext family of classes. The idea was that all state switching could be managed by Opal. Unfortunately, Fred explained how AppKit treats GState and the idea does not map well to Core Graphics’s one-graphics-state-stack-per-context model.

Then I went to Dublin for a job interview. When I got back, I was (shall we put it mildly) highly distracted by the experience of another travel to a foreign country. After that, a two week summer camp where I almost no progress was done. A place with no good internet connectivity (except several cafe bars) would be tolerable were there a place for me to unpack my laptop as permanently as possible. Unfortunately, any such place was a computer classroom, and my accommodation was anything but appropriate for the activity. Other distractions of a summer camp also came in play, such as ‘Hey, come here, let’s work on the movie.’

Would coming back home change things? Well, after a massive headache due to low amount of sleep during the last day of camp and during the return trip, after a cold, and after a toothache, I finally got to work.

Thanks to a lot of help with Eric on the Opal side (and even a bit on the backend side, because he’s cool like that), we now have font rendering! Hooray!

Unfortunately, you may notice that the above images feature rectangles again, instead of icons. This time they’re yellow rectangles instead of red ones. Why? -compositeGState:... method is being called after -DPSimage:... was called, so we end up with a ‘not-implemented’ marker for -compositeGState:....

What’s next? Well, wrapping up as many things as possible by the end of the week, when GSOC ends.

Yep, I could and should have done far better this year. Oh well.


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