Loss of GSOC 2013 card – International Students

This information is useful for participants in GSOC 2013 program. In future years, there may be changes to the program. It’s also completely unofficial information based primarily on the experience I just had with CitiCard; I obviously can’t make any guarantees for your experience. Hopefully, you won’t have ‘an experience’ because you’ll withdraw all the money, you’ll use the cash, and — most importantly — you won’t lose your wallet.

  1. Prepare your first and last name, including how you’ll spell it the operator in case spelling is not ‘second nature’ to you
  2. Prepare Google’s address (especially the zip code): 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View, California, since that’s what the card was registered to
  3. Have the last four digits of the card’s number prepared; this is one signal CitiCard uses to verify your identity
  4. Be mindful of the balance on the card; that is one signal CitiCard uses to verify your identity
  5. Be mindful of where and when the card was last used; that is one signal CitiCard uses to verify your identity
  6. Call CitiCard Lost and Stolen Card Services at +18778557201. Calls using Skype to this number are free.
  7. Have them ship the card to Google’s address. MAKE SURE to request they add “ATTN: Carol Smith” to the address.
  8. Optionally, ask the operator to increase the ATM limit again. (Yes, the limit has been reset.)
  9. Email Carol Smith with subject: “REPLACEMENT CARD – ”. In the email, state your address and thank Carol for all her great work 🙂

Points 2, 7 and 9 are listed in the very useful document about student payment cards, which you should have read already. Go through it once again before calling.

You will be given the last four digits of the new card.

According to CitiCard, the new card should be shipped or delivered to Google’s address (it was hard to catch that part) within 7-10 working days. There’s also a charge for losing your card, as stated in the document about student payment cards.

Not all security signals are necessary; for example, I was only able to approximate the transaction history and confirm the last transaction. (I did not have any information about the card apart from what was on the card itself — what a bad idea.)

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