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Using Alpine on MacOSX and with Gmail

Ahh… good ol’ Pine. One of coolest little mail programs.

Step 1: Get MacPorts

Step 2: In terminal:
sudo port install alpine
Step 3: Launch alpine.
Step 4: Go to configuration options. Set up the options, as follows:
User Domain: user@gmail.com
SMTP Server: smtp.gmail.com:587/tls/novalidate-cert/user=user@gmail.com
Inbox Path:
  Name of Inbox server: imap.gmail.com/ssl/novalidate-cert/user=user@gmail.com
  Folder on “imap.gmail.com/ss…” to use for INBOX [inbox]: just press enter here.
Final settings:

That’s it!


Note the potentially insecure novalidate-cert because Google’s certificate is considered invalid, and I didn’t feel like going and finding how to add this cert properly.

Writing blog posts through email client

So far I have used the capability to write blog posts mostly to send posts from my cell phone. Y’know, in order to publish photos from travel or something like that.

However, with a decent mail client comes the desire to try out sending occasional, well formatted posts via email client. So let’s see. Text can be, as expected, bolded, its color can be changed. Size can also be changed. Most importantly, I can easily paste images and they get published.
Since this works, I may send posts more often and maybe they can be more informative/insightful. Because logging into the interface of Blogger and writing stuff using that is, well … not fun 🙂
There does seem to be a slight glitch when sending _pasted_ screenshots, but well … Still, I can just not hold ctrl when making a screenie (on mac) and attach the shot which gets stored on the desktop.

Too bad I don’t know how to write tags for the posts 🙂