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Yahoo! Search using Google Gears, part 2

I already blogged about Yahoo! Search using Google Gears. Looks like they're using Google Gears to optimize responsiveness of their Search Pad, and they're also doing it only in Google Chrome where there's no HTML5 local storage implemented.

Yahoo! Search uses Google Gears for local storage?

Update, August 9th 2009: It's used only on Google Chrome, and it's used by the Search Pad for improving the user experience by speeding up responsiveness. I've recently written a new post on the subject.

I've just used Yahoo! Search in Google Chrome. I got a typical Gears popup asking me if I want to let the web site use Gears. I still have no idea why Yahoo! suddenly likes using a Google product; neither Google Search nor Yahoo! Search are helpful for several keywords.

Yahoo!'s Search blog doesn't mention it either.
Any info, anyone?