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Great tutorials for SDL coders

Anyone familiar with GL knows about http://nehe.gamedev.net/ but there is precious little information and tutorials with regard to SDL. Which is sad, considering that once you get to know the little beast, you start to like it.

But what about SDL?

Apart from Googling, I’m suggesting these below:
* http://sites.google.com/site/sdlgamer/
* http://sol.gfxile.net/gp/index.html

Bottom one is the one I visited several years ago, and it doesn’t seem to work anymore. Try the internet archive wayback machine.

GLDM – login manager based on SDL, OpenGL and whatever else

I’ve started writing some code today for GLDM. It’s something I’ve wanted to do for many months now, and well, I feel like I gotta start.

See, GDM and KDM … they’re beautiful pieces of code, I’m sure. But I just don’t feel like studying them. And yet, I want a nice graphical login. I want framework that’ll allow me to design whatever interface I want.

Y’know, because after Compiz, Metacity ain’t smooth enough. Same about GDM and KDM.

Since I’m too lazy to actually take time to look for one such, I’ve decided to take these ideas whirling in my head and scrap something up. Who knows, maybe it turns up popular. If you’re interested in some basic code, I applied for Sourceforge project today and it was already approved. So hop on here: http://sf.net/projects/gldm and tell me if you want to work on something around GLDM. I promise I won’t reject proposals… at least those I like 😉

Edited October 7th 2010.

Some preview videos:

September 19th 2009: Luna Lunatic

November 27th 2010: Luna