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Star Trek XI

Watched the movie yesterday. Loved it, except for:

  • shaky camera. I actually felt nauseaus after watching the movie.
  • black hole range. A planet is being swallowed by a black hole, and we happily watch it go from a nearby world. The planet appears larger than Earth’s Moon on the sky.
  • Nero the action Hero. You’ll know what I mean. Boy, when he jumps, he knows where to land!
  • stardates. Apparently, JJ doesn’t appreciate all the little things that aretightly knit into the concept of a stardate. Instead, stardate is just an Earth year. I remember 2233 and 2386 being mentioned. And 2386 shouldn’t be 100+ years in the future; dates should be around 50000 or more.
There’s a few more things I find flawed, but I can’t remember them, and even if I could you’d be thankful for less spoilers. Less spoilers – more fun, in case of this movie.