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Using hggit with existing Mercurial projects

I want to use hggit. Not because I like git, but because Xcode 4 uses git. So I need a two way bridge between hg and git, which hggit provides.

1. Install dulwich:

sudo easy_install dulwich

Have multiple Pythons installed? Make sure you use correct easy_install, for example:

sudo /usr/bin/easy_install2.6 dulwich

2. Get hggit, either with git or hg (guess which one I prefer):

hg clone http://bitbucket.org/durin42/hg-git hggit

3. Edit your ~/.hgrc; add the hggit and bookmarks extensions:

. . .

4. In your Mercurial repository, punch this in:

hg bookmark master -r default
hg gexport

and voilà! You have a .git repository.

5. To pull git changesets (commits) back into hg, it should require just:

hg gimport

I didn’t yet get here.

Xcode 4 simply refuses to work with git repositories created from Mercurial. It recognizes the branches, but not the log itself. No idea why yet. Ah well. 🙂

Update: Xcode 4 is sensitive to repositories being “bare”, whatever that means for Git. (Apparently that is a locally created, non-cloned Git repository without a “remote”.) Edit .git/config, and change “bare = true” to “bare = false”. This allows you to see the history.

But don’t do that. There appear to be other incompatibilities that I could not fix. For example, all files are marked as “D-eleted”. Also, setting bare to false will make the following steps fail. So what you really want to do is:

cd ..
git clone MyProject MyProjectGIT
# now mess with the project in MyProjectGIT
git commit -m "Whatever"
git push
cd ..
cd MyProject
hg gimport

(First few commands are run through Xcode 4 GUI, of course.)

Don’t forget that your git username and email is unconfigured. (Absurdly, I could not find GUI in Xcode 4 to edit this!) Terminal back to the rescue again.

git config --global user.name "Your Name"
git config --global user.email your.email@example.com