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ddwrt router refusing to forward multicast packets over an OpenVPN tap device joined to a bridge

Trying out the go-chromecast CLI, I was able to see mDNS requests coming to my home network over OpenVPN (a L2 tunnel using a TAP device bridged using br0 on both ends). I could also see responses being generated, but none of them were seen on the other end. The build of dd-wrt I use has no tcpdump, making it hard to observe both ends of the tunnel.

There’s a lot of sources suggesting a bunch of actions:

However, that was all tapping in the dark.

But when someone mentioned ebtables, nat and PREROUTING, this led me to the right path: what if one of the chains in one of the tables was dropping outgoing packets?

# ebtables -t nat -L POSTROUTING
Bridge table: nat

Bridge chain: POSTROUTING, entries: 1, policy: ACCEPT
-o tap1 --pkttype-type multicast -j DROP

Voila. All multicast packets were being dropped on L2.

# ebtables -t nat -D POSTROUTING -o tap1 --pkttype-type multicast -j DROP

This is fine because I happen to control both ends of the tunnel. Because my systems use multicast only for mDNS, I don’t expect traffic to require drops.

On the bridge device (br0 on both ends), I currently have multicast_router set to 2 on both ends; I have multicast_querier set to 1 on both ends; non-ddwrt system has multicast_igmp_version set to 2; and multicast_snooping is set to 1 on both ends. I don’t claim correctness of any of these, nor do I claim them to be optimal. But, getting mDNS traffic through is exactly what I wanted, so I’m happy right now.